Monday, November 9, 2009

Tea Anyone?

Our household has faced the swine flu as many other households across the country have. When my children get a cold or the flu the first thing they will hear me say is... do you want some tea with honey?

I am a huge advocate of using as many natural treatments as possible. When the winter months bring colds and the flu in our household, I reach for the teas.

The past few weeks that my children have been sick, I have made cups and cups of hot Organic Echinacea Plus tea by Traditional Medicinals. It helps support the immune system. Along with the cups of warm tea, I have been giving my children Black Elderberry Liquid by Sambuccol, lots of liquid, chicken soup and along with weekly visits to our chiropractor we are making it through this flu season.

When you go to the yogurt section of your local supermarket you will see "probiotics" everywhere. Recently, I found a non-dairy Probiotics All Flora by New Chapter Organics in our local health food store which my daughter with severe food allergies has been taking.

I was so excited to find this in a non-dairy capsule for her. Probiotics have been shown to help children with food allergies. She takes the capsule with no problem. Probiotics also helps the immune system which is an added benefit.

Stay well, stay safe and be brave.

Debra Denhart

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